Straight Paste  Filling Machine
Straight Paste  Filling Machine
Straight Paste Filling Machine
As the largest Straight Paste Filling Machine manufacturer in china, Wenzhou Lianteng Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd. sales quality Straight Paste Filling Machine to customers all over the world.
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This straight paste filling machine is applicable to day food,oil,medicine,pesticide industry,and so on,filling different types of liquid products.

Use a straight line piston filler filling with high precision,easy installation,cleaning and maintenance simple,non-drip,and other advantages.

Contact with some of the materials used are made of 304 stainless steel(316L stainless steel can be customized), all-stainless steel chassis steel chassis with a clean tidy beautiful appearance of the generous and so on.Taiwan used to control PLC,Germany sick-ray eyes,Germany PESTO.

Taiwan imported cpmponentes such as Airtac so that the filling machine has as-table performance,superior performance and flexible operation.


This series of straight paste filling machine is suitable for filling different types of liquid and paste products in daily chemical, food, grease, medicine, pesticide and other industries. 

The piston injection filling and three way one-way valve device has the advantages of high filling accuracy, convenient installation and debugging, simple cleaning and cleaning, and no leakage.

Applicable to Beverage, Chemical, Commodity, Food, Medical ,etc.


Straight paste filling machine


AC 220V 50Hz/ 110V 60Hz



Filling speed


Air pressure


Filling accuracy



Product touch part is SS304

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